Smoke-free Public Places

Breathing air that is free of secondhand smoke is essential for maintaining good health.

The San Mateo County Tobacco Education Coalition, community leaders and local organizations have been working together to improve the air quality of areas where San Mateo County residents live, work, and play. Together they have educated the community and key leaders on the dangers of secondhand smoke and the benefits of having smoke-free events and venues.  The Coalition has also obtained residents' support for the adoption of smoke-free policies through their advocacy efforts.

Throughout the state of California, communities have begun fighting for cleaner air at parks, beaches, trails, cultural and community events, and even entire cities. Many cities have passed ordinances or resolutions supporting smoke-free events and venues to help address this important health issue and keep residents healthy.

Cities that have passed smoke-free policies have done so with the hope that they will be self-enforced by the public. Smoke-free signage is therefore essential in reminding smokers that smoking is not permitted at certain locations or during events. Signage also gives non-smokers the satisfaction of knowing their health is being protected. The ultimate goal is to create a culture where residents are aware of the negative effects secondhand smoke causes and the importance of not exposing others to these toxic chemicals.

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Smoke-free park ordinances and smoke-free events in San Mateo County:

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