Remarkable Care at Redwood City Training Center

Delle Weaver and Diane SmithMany have been touched by the remarkable care and compassion provided by Diane Smith (right).

While an active member on the Commission on Disabilities, for nearly 30 years she has been the Associate Director of Kainos Home & Training Center in Redwood City, which provides home and vocational services to individuals who are developmentally disabled.

Diane goes well beyond the extra mile in caring for clients served by Kainos, many of whom have no families of their own.  She personally escorts patients to medical appointments and works on their behalf to champion the best care possible.  She not only speaks on behalf of those who have difficulty speaking for themselves, but Diane stays with patients throughout their appointments and surgeries to make sure there is a familiar, friendly face to greet them when their medical procedures end. And for those with terminal illnesses, she is often at their bedside at their time of passing, providing tremendous support to any family members who might be left behind.

“Caring for people is such a natural and deep part of my life, that it seems somehow strange to be acknowledged as a Health Hero,” says Diane.  “My hope would be that this honor will somehow inspire others to do the same.”

It’s clear that there is mutual love between her and her clients at Kainos and for all that she does on their behalf, Diane Smith is a true Health Hero.