Retail Food Program Forms and Information

Mobile food inspections canceled Wednesday, June 29, 2016. No habrá inspecciones de instalaciones ambulantes de comida (loncheras) miércoles, 29 de junio 2016.

Food Health Permits are getting a new look. The new permits will now expire one year after they’re issued—so you don’t have to search for a permit that was issued decades ago. Starting July 1, 2016, San Mateo County Environmental Health Services will be sending you a new invoice for your annual permit to operate. Please pay promptly and we will send you the permit that is required to keep your business open. Call 650-372-6200 for more information.

For more information about the Repeat Major Violation Program or the Retail Food Inspection Program, please call Environmental Health at (650) 372-6200. Inspection information is public information. Please call for an appointment to review the file on a food facility that you may be interested in or to talk with the inspector for that area.

Food Program Fees


Forms and Information Packets

Application for New Business/Change of Ownership - (PDF)
Plan Check Permit Application - (PDF)
Tobacco Sales Permit Application - (PDF)
Food Safety Checklist - (PDF)
Bed & Breakfast Food Facility Guidelines - (PDF)

Temporary Event Forms

Vendor (Food Booth) Application - (PDF)
Coordinator Application - (PDF)
Temporary Event Guidelines - (PDF)
Chapter 11 - Temporary Food Facilities - (PDF)
Chapter 10.5 - Nonprofit Charitable Temporary Food Facilities - (PDF)
Temporary Event Food Safety Quiz - (PDF)
Warm Water and Hand Wash Station Requirements (PDF) "NEW"

Mobile Food Facilities

2016 Mobile Food Facility Renewal Forms - (PDF)
2016 Formularios para la Renovacion del Permiso de Instalaciones Ambulantes de Alimentos
Mobile Food Facility Coordinator Application - (PDF)
Mobile Food Permit Application Packet - (PDF)
Solicitud de Permiso de Instalacion Ambulante de Alimentos (PDF)
Vehicle Substitution Form - (PDF)
Mobile Food Checklist - (PDF)
Lista de Verificacion para las Inspecciones de Instalaciones Ambulantes de Comida - (PDF)
Commissary Resource List - (PDF)
CalCode - Mobile Food - (PDF)
Non -Operational Form - (PDF)

Certified Farmers' Markets

Certified Farmers' Markets Non-Ag Vendor Permit Application - (PDF)
Certified Farmers' Market Guidelines - (PDF)

Cottage Food Operations

Cottage Food Operation Application - (PDF)
Approved Cottage Food List - (PDF)
Cottage Food Operator Guidelines - (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions (CDPH) - (PDF)
California Department of Public Health Cottage Food Website


How to register a complaint
Online Complaint Form

Food Safety Training

Food Handler Card Requirement - (PDF)
Manager Food Safety Certification Frequently Asked Questions
Approved Manager Food Safety Certification Courses
Partnership for Food Safety Education

Laws and Regulations

California Retail Food Code (Cal Code) - (PDF)
Sherman Food, Drug and Cosmetic Law - (PDF)
Tran Fat Ban Law Letter to Food Service Operators - (PDF)
Trans Fat Brochure - (PDF)

Plan Check Information

Food Facility Plan Check Process

State Department Of Health Service Links

State Department of Health Services, Food and Drug Branch
Food Safety Program
Frequently Asked Questions About Wholesale Food Business Requirements In California
Wholesale Processed Food Registration Procedures

Other Links

What to do if you have a problem with food products
Consumer Information From USDA on Food Safety
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
California Restaurant Association
California Grocers Association
Seniors and Food Safety