Medical Marijuana ID Program

The Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program in the State of California advises counties to administer a voluntary card registration program that allows eligible patients and their primary caregivers to apply for and receive identification cards through their county of residence (Senate Bill 420). The cards may protect eligible patients and their primary caregivers against wrongful arrest and prosecution for use and possession of marijuana for medical purposes in California.

How do I apply for a medical marijuana ID card?
You must apply in person.  Complete the Patient Application/Renewal Form, form DHS 9042.  Submit the Written Documentation of Patient's Medical Records, form CDPH 9044, or physician's recommendation.  Submit proof of identity, this can be a driver's license, passport or other government-issued photo ID card.  Submit proof of residency, a recent utility bill, rent or mortgage receipt with your name on it.  Pay the required fee.  Medi-Cal beneficiaries receive a 50% reduction.  It is necessary that you bring in your Medi-Cal card.  If you wish to designate a primary caregiver, complete the Primary Caregiver Application/Renewal Form, form DHS 9042.  Your caretaker must accompany you when you apply.  The fee for a primary caregiver is the same as the patient's fee.

Effective January 1, 2014
                   Non Medi-Cal Beneficiary  $154  
                   Medi-Cal Beneficiary        $77 

How do I get my card when my application is approved?
Once your card has been received from the State, our office will call you.  Please note we do not mail the card.

How do I renew my card when it expires?
You must reapply following the same procedure as listed above.

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For more information on the County of San Mateo's Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program, please call (650) 573-2395 or visit us during regular business hours at 225-37th Ave, Room 11 in San Mateo, CA 94403. For additional information, visit the California Department of Public Health Medical Marijuana Program website or contact the State directly:

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Medical Marijuana Unit
PO Box 997413, MS 5203
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