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New Look, Same Recipe for Success

A proposed food safety sign system will help the public make informed decisions when eating out.

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Well or Spring Running Dry?

Boy drinking waterIf you use a well or spring for your home's water, make sure you have enough safe-to-drink water during the drought.

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Don’t Wait, Vaccinate

girls blowing nosesMake sure your kids go back to school safely—and don’t forget that people of all ages need to be vaccinated.

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Ebola Preparedness in San Mateo County

The risk of an Ebola outbreak here is low. We are preparing to prevent and stop the spread of an Ebola case if one occurs.

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Look Before You Lock

​In just 10 minutes, your car can get 20 degrees hotter inside.

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Bite into Delicious Fruit this Summer

Girl biting into an apple

Celebrate the time of year when we can eat so many delicious fruits and ...Read More & Share