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Well or Spring Running Dry?

Boy drinking waterIf you use a well or spring for your home's water, make sure you have enough safe-to-drink water during the drought.

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Don’t Wait, Vaccinate

girls blowing nosesMake sure your kids go back to school safely—and don’t forget that people of all ages need to be vaccinated.

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Before You Worry About Ebola

Experts say an Ebola outbreak in the U.S. is extremely unlikely. Protect yourself from these common diseases.

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Look Before You Lock

​In just 10 minutes, your car can get 20 degrees hotter inside.

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Bite into Delicious Fruit this Summer

Girl biting into an apple

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Heat Wave Hits the County

Thermometer showing 80 to 100 degreesExtreme heat is more than just uncomfortable. Tips to stay cool and healthy.

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