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How You Can Prevent Pollution

Contrary to popular belief, the primary source of water pollution in San Mateo County is not large industry or businesses, but residents. Why?

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What YOU Can Do to Stay Measles-Free

Recent news about measles is a good reminder to make sure you and your loved ones are up to date on all your vaccinations. 

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Show Your Heart Some Love

Every year, 900,000 Americans have a heart attack. And when they do, every second counts.

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20 Easy Ways to Have a Healthier 2015

Want to be healthier this year but don't have the time? Nonsense. 

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Serving Our Community

Check out this PenTV video on how the Health System works to help our community live longer and better lives.

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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Holidays Healthier

Woman holding roast chickenThe average American gains a pound every holiday season, don't let yourself be one of them!

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