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couple driving motorcycle with arms in air Maintaining the
Health of an Aging
San Mateo County

By the year 2030, nearly one out of four
San Mateo County residents will be over
the age of 65.

The number of adults over age 65 in the county will increase by 72%; and the number of people over the age of 85 will increase to two and a half times the current number. This is mirrored across the United States with the aging of the baby boomer generation (people born between 1946 and 1964). Locally, San Mateo County will have a greater proportion of older adults than the state average.

Unless we make significant changes, this population will need healthcare and community-based services far beyond what our public and private systems can provide. According to the San Mateo County Projection Model, if we do nothing, by the year 2030, the county will experience a:

  • 50% increase in demand for physicians, and as great as a 108% increase in demand for treatment in various sub-specialty areas
  • 34% increase in acute hospital days among older adults
  • 59% increase in demand for hospital beds

These projections are driven by an increase in the number of older adults, coupled with high rates of chronic diseases and cognitive impairments among aging baby boomers. Combined, these factors will result in a dramatic increase in demand for services, which may prove unsustainable for many providers.

We must prepare for the aging baby boomer population by developing communities that prevent diseases today and support healthy aging for tomorrow. These are communities where people of all ages, including our older adult population, can live long and healthy lives.  Learn what can be done to make San Mateo County communities safe and supportive places for older adults to live and thrive by visiting

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