School Wellness

Photo of boy in school cafeteriaThe school environment is a major focus of intervention to transform local physical activity and healthy eating opportunities for children. The school wellness mandate (Public Law 108-265 Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004. Section 204) provides an opportunity to create a school environment conducive to healthy eating and active living.

The Get Healthy San Mateo County School Wellness Committee, which consists of school district representatives, community organizations, and other stakeholders, fulfills the mandate’s mission by supporting school districts with the implementation of their school wellness policies. The Committee has provided various resources and technical assistance to school districts throughout the county.  Here are few examples of the types of assistance provided: conducting a convening (i.e. From Paper to Practice:Implementing your School Wellness Policy and Healthy Green: Ideas for Fund raising), providing mini-grants to eight school districts.  The past and current efforts of the school wellness committee have impacted more than 21,583 students and sustained partnerships with four nationally recognized organizations.  These efforts fully embody the vision behind the school wellness mandate- working together to create healthier and vibrant school environments.  Find out more about the School Wellness Committee by downloading the brochure.

For more information or to participate in the Get Healthy San Mateo School Wellness Committee, please visit