Injured or Dead Animals

Skunk walking through grass

To report sick or injured wildlife, contact:

Peninsula Humane Society
(650) 340-8200

For dead animal pick-up, contact:

Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA (650) 340-8200 for dead animals on public property with the exception of freeways/highways.

Caltrans  (650) 358-4127 for dead animals on freeways/highways.

Residents and business owners are allowed to place small, dead animals (i.e. birds, squirrels, gophers, etc.) found on their private property in a bag for their regular garbage pickup.  Landfills are licensed to accept them.

Larger animals found on private property cannot be placed in the garbage.  The resident/business owner can call an animal removal company or bring the animals to the Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA 24/7 for disposal.

Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA will pick up any dead animals on the street for free.  They will pick up domestic animals and wild animals, excluding deer, on private property for a fee.  Deer will be picked up on public property only, for free.

Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA will not charge for domestic animal pick-up on private property as long as the animal is not owned (a stray).  They will pick-up domestic, owned animals on private property for a fee.

Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA will not pick up dead animals (deer, wildlife, or domestic) from freeways.  Freeways are 101, 280, 84 (Woodside Road), Highway 25 (Skyline Blvd.), Highway 82 (El Camino Real).  Freeway pick-ups are handled by Caltrans, 650.358.4127.