Separating Heart Attack Fact from Fiction

Heart attack myth #1: Chest pain is always a symptom of a heart attack. Actually, you can have a heart attack without feeling chest pain at all. That’s why it’s important to learn the symptoms and call 9-1-1 right away if you... Read More

What's True About the Flu?

girl who has the flu8 Myths and Facts About the Flu

There are many myths about the flu and the flu vaccine, so read on to avoid having to fight the flu.

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The Truth About Hay Fever

Girl sneezing10 Myths and Facts about Allergies

Seasonal allergies (hay fever) are nothing to sneeze at. Many people suffer from allergies, which makes them feel miserable for months. To survive allergy season, it... Read More

Holiday Health Hurdle or Hoax?

4 Truths about Holiday Health Hurdles

There’s enough to think about during the holiday season. Don’t let these myths muddle your merriment.

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The Truth About Mental Illness

No one is immune from mental illness. Roughly one in four adults and one in five children will experience a diagnosable mental disorder during their lifetime. Mental health disorders affect every ethnic,... Read More