Visit Your Local Farmers Market

display of fresh vegetables at farmers marketShopping at a local farmers market is healthy for you, for your community, and for our planet. And best of all, you get to eat fruits and vegetables that are as fresh as it gets.

Healthier for you

While the produce you buy at the supermarket or a big-box store is often traveling on trucks or cold-stored for days or weeks, the fruits and vegetables you buy at the local farmer’s market is usually picked within 24 hours of buying it.

Fresh produce not only tastes delicious, but it’s  healthier because it has more nutrients than produce that’s been off the vine or tree for more than a few days.

Healthier for your community

A lot of food is grown in San Mateo County, and buying local food gives farmers a reason to keep growing and selling food on San Mateo County soil. This keeps money in our communities and stimulates the County’s economy. There are many farmers’ markets that sell fresh, local food throughout the county.

Healthier for our planet

When food is transported into the County, it requires a large amount of energy and resources for transporting it, packaging it, and then marketing it.

View a full list of Certified Farmers Markets in San Mateo County *

*Many farmers markets accept WIC vouchers, EBT & Senior Nutrition Checks. Visit the County website for details.

Tips for Visiting a Farmers Market

  • Bring your own bag. Whether it's canvas, cloth, or just the plastic bags you saved from last week's trip to the grocery store, remember to stash your reusable bags in your car or bike basket and bring them with you to the farmers' market every week.
  • Why not walk or ride your bike to the farmers' market? It's a great way to be active and build up an appetite for all of the incredible fresh fruits and vegetables you'll find at the market.
  • Take public transportation to the market. Is the market too far to walk? You can probably get there by public transportation. Check the "Getting Here" tab on each market page for convenient public transportation directions to get you to the market.
  • Bring lots of small bills and change. Most markets are cash only and there is no central checkout. Each farmer is an individual business and you will be paying at each individual farmer’s stand.
  • Very few farmers accept credit or debit cards. There are often ATMs close the market. Ask a farmer or the market manager for directions.
  • Try something new. This is a great opportunity to try a new fruit or vegetable, or prepare it in a new way. You can even ask the vendor what his or her favorite is, and get suggestions on how to prepare it.
  • Let your children explore the farmers market. Try giving your children some money, maybe $2 or $3 and let them explore the different booths and choose something to buy. There is a greater chance your child will try a new food if they picked it out – like a purple carrot.