Healthy New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year San Mateo County!

The start of a new year is a great time to make resolutions to get healthy. While making a resolution is easy, the reality is that 50% of Americans usually drop them before January has even ended.  Keeping your healthy resolutions can add years to your life so don’t give up. 


Here are 10 ideas for healthy new year resolutions

1. I resolve to maintain a healthy weight
Healthy weight is not about a diet but about a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle has many choices, including a healthy eating plan and regular physical activity. A healthy eating plan doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods, but instead find a better balance so that you only eat some of your favorite higher calorie food less often, or try a lower calorie version. 

2. I resolve to be more physically active
Set up and stick to a regular physical activity or exercise routine.  Start with 30 minutes of an activity you enjoy, three to four times a week.  Some good choices are walking, running, swimming, biking, skating, and aerobic dancing.  Visit to find out what events are happening in your community.

3. I resolve to rethink my drink
Sugary drinks are a leading cause of obesity in San Mateo County where 34% of children and more than 50% of adults are overweight or obese. Those extra pounds contribute to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and an increased risk of certain cancers. This year, try and limit the amount of sugar-sweetened drinks you and your family buy and drink. Visit for more ideas.

4. I resolve to quit smoking and avoid people who still light up
Cigarette smoking is the single-most preventable cause of illness in San Mateo County and across the United States. Second hand smoke is just as bad and can be deadly to nonsmokers who inhale it on a regular basis. Visit for more information.

5. I resolve to drink moderately, and get help if I have a drinking problem
Of the 10 leading causes of death each year, alcohol is a major contributor. Resolve to never drink and drive and to never ride with someone who has been drinking.  And if you, or someone you love, has an alcohol or other drug disorder, there is help available. Visit for information on prevention and treatment resources in San Mateo County.

6. I resolve to always buckle up
Car occupant injuries are preventable but car crashes are still a leading cause of death and disability, especially for children. Make it a rule that you won't start your car until everyone is buckled in. Wearing a seat belt and making sure your child is safely seated greatly increases the odds of surviving a car accident.  Visit to learn about California’s child passenger safety program.

7. I resolve to keep myself and my family healthy with regular check-ups
Working with your doctor to stay healthy can help prevent problems before they happen. For example, getting regular screening tests, such as mammograms can find breast cancer early when it’s more treatable. Or knowing your family history and getting regular eye exams can help detect a serious eye disease called glaucoma, before permanent damage happens, Visit and for more information.

8. I resolve to help make my community healthier
Do you know about Get Healthy San Mateo County?  Health begins where people live, learn, work and play. Get Healthy is a partnership of people and organizations across the County who work together to reduce health risks and improve the health of people in all our communities. Learn what you can do and get involved this year. Visit

9. I resolve to contribute to a clean and healthy environment
Even small efforts can help create a healthier environment for you, your community and for future generations. Reduce emissions by driving less and walking, biking or taking public transportation more. Try using reusable bags and reduce the number of plastic bags, which end up in landfills and our waterways. Visit for information on San Mateo County’s efforts create a world with less plastic.

10. I resolve to think positively and to reach out to others
Having a positive attitude about life can greatly contribute to your emotional well-being and your health. If you’re feeling stressed, visit for ideas. Studies have also shown that having the support of family, friends, co-workers, and your community contributes to a healthier life. Be a friend to others and keep your family and friends close. 

Remember, it takes time to develop our habits so don’t be discouraged if things don’t change right away.

What’s important is to try. You can work on one resolution at a time.  Don't give up trying to challenge the things that have not yet changed -- and be sure to celebrate the things that have changed.

Visit to let us know what resolutions you’ve made and to update us so we can celebrate together.