Deadline Extended to April 15

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Update: San Mateo County residents who were not able to sign up for health coverage by midnight on March 31 now have until midnight on April 15 to enroll in a Covered CA health plan.


Did you set up an account, but didn’t submit your application?

If you met the requirements to set up an account, you can complete the process online by midnight on April 15.

Were you unable to set up an online account?

If you were not able to set up an account, you can enroll with the help of a Covered CA phone agent, local enrollment counselor, or Human Services (HSA) Agency staff.

Appointments with County staff can be scheduled by calling HSA (1-800-223-8383) or Health Coverage Unit (650-616-2002).

Did you complete a paper application, but it was not postmarked by March 31?

If you completed a paper application but did not have it postmarked by midnight, March 31, you can enroll with the help of a phone or in-person assistor as described above.

Are you just starting the process now?

Even if you did not already set up an account or start the enrollment process, it's not late! You now have until midnight on April 15 to enroll in a Covered CA health plan and apply for financial assistance.

Who should enroll?
You need to enroll by the April 15 deadline if you have not already enrolled or you do not have health coverage through your job or a government program, such as Medicare, MediCal or the County's ACE program. If you miss the April 15 enrollment deadline, you may not be able to have health coverage in 2014 and you may also have to pay a tax penalty.

Here’s a list of ways to enroll by the April 15 deadline:

Call and get help to select a plan and enroll
County Human Services Agency: 1-800-223-8383
County Health Coverage Unit: 650-616-2002
Covered California: 1-800-300-1506; Spanish speakers: 1-800-300-0213

Visit an Enrollment Center to select a plan and enroll
No appointment is needed at any of the following locations:
 Belmont: 400 Harbor Blvd, Bldg. B
 Daly City:  271 92nd Street
 East Palo Alto: 2415 University Ave
 Redwood City: 2500 Middlefield Rd
 South San Francisco: 1487 Huntington

View Enrollment Center hours: English :: Spanish
You can also call to make an appointment to enroll at 1-800- 223-8383 or (650) 616-2002.

If you are a small business visit

Already have health insurance?

If you already have health coverage, please help to make sure the people you love are covered too. And you can also help by getting the word out to your friends, neighbors, or the people you work with or see day to day.

Everyone deserves the care to help stay healthy and to have peace of mind that you and your family are covered for when you may need it the most.

Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

How does the new Affordable Care Act affect San Mateo County residents?

  • The Medi-Cal program will continue and will be expanded to cover more children and adults.
  • Tax credit programs for individuals and families with moderate and low incomes will be available and may provide financial assistance to purchase affordable health insurance.
  • Access to a variety of affordable health insurance plans will be available through the Health Care Exchange marketplace, known as Covered California (

Who has to buy health insurance?

The Affordable Care Act requires most U.S. citizens and legal residents to have basic health coverage by January 1, 2014 except:

  • People who cannot afford coverage (premiums greater than 8% of household income)
  • Undocumented immigrants
  • People without insurance for less than three months
  • People with certain religious beliefs
  • Members of Native American tribes
  • People who are incarcerated

When will coverage begin after I enroll?

  • If you enroll by March 31st, 2014, your coverage will begin on May 1, 2014
  • Once Open Enrollment closes on March 31, 2014, you will not be able to sign up until the next enrollment period begins, which is proposed for Nov 15, 2014 for coverage beginning Jan 2015.

More Information from Covered California

Open Enrollment for health coverage is closed but you can still seek coverage by midnight, April 15.

For health insurance plans offered by Covered California, you must enroll during open enrollment. After open enrollment ends, you will not be able to get health coverage through the Marketplace until the next annual enrollment period, which will begins in the fall of 2014, unless you have a qualifying life event, such as losing a job, the death of a spouse, or birth of a child. You may also be eligible for Medi-Cal, where enrollment is available year-round.

Enroll by April 15, 2014 to avoid paying a fee

Most people must have health coverage in 2014 or pay a fee called the individual shared responsibility payment. Some people may qualify for an exemption to this fee and not have to pay.

It's important to remember that paying the fee doesn't mean you have health insurance coverage and you will be responsible for 100% of the cost of your medical care.

To make sure you are covered in 2014, you must enroll before April 15, 2014. After April 15 you must wait until the next open enrollment period, which begins in October 2014, for coverage in 2015. You may also be eligible for Medi-Cal.

Call 800-300-1506 or  Spanish speakers can call 800-300-0213 or

Under the new Affordable Care Act:

  • No one can be turned away for a “pre-existing” health condition
  • More people earning low incomes now qualify for Medi-Cal
  • Many people who do not get coverage through their employer are eligible for tax credits that reduce the cost of private health insurance plans

If you need health insurance or know of a family member or friend in need of health insurance, “Open Enrollment” is happening now. Call Covered California, the state health insurance marketplace, at 800-300-1506 or visit for more information or to enroll.

After April 15, 2014, all U.S. citizens and legal residents will be required to have health insurance or pay a tax penalty.


Enroll Now!  It’s not too late to get health insurance!