Need Affordable Health Coverage?

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Insurance keeps you healthy and financially covered when you need it most.
If you do not have health coverage, sign up for insurance with Covered California starting November 15, 2014! If you already have health coverage through Covered California, you can re-enroll starting
October 1, 2014.
You may qualify for financial help! If you earn up to $46,680 annually or if your family of four earns but to $95,400 annually.
Be sure to apply early! February 15, 2015 is the deadline for gaining health insurance through Covered California in 2015 and December 15, 2014 is the enrollment deadline to avoid paying any tax penalty.
We're here to help. You can apply online or on the phone here:
Call (650) 616-2002 for free, confidential, in-person application help, or click here for more information on enrollment times and locations in English, Spanish, and Chinese.
Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

Who should enroll?
You should enroll if you do not have health coverage through your job or a government program, such as Medicare, MediCal or the County's ACE program. If you miss the February 15 enrollment deadline, you may not have health coverage in 2015 and you may also have to pay a tax penalty.

Here’s a list of ways to enroll:

Call and get help to select a plan and enroll
County Health Coverage Unit: 650-616-2002
County Human Services Agency: 1-800-223-8383
Covered California: 1-800-300-1506; Spanish speakers: 1-800-300-0213

We offer free, in-person application help. Call us at 650-616-2002 or check back for more information on times and locations.

If you are a small business visit

Already have health insurance?
If you have health coverage through Covered California you can re-enroll starting October 1, and help make sure the people you love are covered too. You can also help by getting the word out to your friends, neighbors, or the people you work with or see day to day. Everyone deserves the care to help stay healthy and have peace of mind that you and your family are covered for when you may need it the most.

How does the Affordable Care Act affect San Mateo County residents?

  • The Medi-Cal program will continue and will be expanded to cover more children and adults.
  • Tax credit programs for individuals and families with moderate and low incomes will be available and may provide financial assistance to purchase affordable health insurance.
  • Access to a variety of affordable health insurance plans will be available through the Health Care Exchange marketplace, known as Covered California (

When will coverage begin after I enroll?

  • If you enroll between November 15 through December 15, 2014, your coverage will begin January 1, 2015. You must enroll by December 15 to avoid paying any tax penalty.
  • If you enroll between December 16, 2014 and January 15, 2015, your coverage will begin February 1, 2015.
  • The last enrollment period is enrollment between January 15 and February 15, 2015, which will start enrollment in March 1, 2015. This is the last opportunity to enroll for coverage in 2015.
  • Once open enrollment closes on February 15, 2015, you will not be able to sign up until the next enrollment period begins in fall 2015.

Who has to buy health insurance?

The Affordable Care Act requires most U.S. citizens and legal residents to have basic health coverage, except:

  • People who cannot afford coverage (premiums greater than 8% of household income)
  • Undocumented immigrants
  • People without insurance for less than three months
  • People with certain religious beliefs
  • Members of Native American tribes
  • People who are incarcerated

More Information from Covered California

For health insurance plans offered by Covered California, you must enroll during open enrollment, unless you have a qualifying life event, such as losing a job, the death of a spouse, or birth of a child. You may also be eligible for Medi-Cal, where enrollment is available year-round.

Most people must have health coverage in 2015 or pay a fee called the individual shared responsibility payment. Some people may qualify for an exemption to this fee and not have to pay.

It's important to remember that paying the fee doesn't mean you have health insurance coverage and you will be responsible for 100% of the cost of your medical care.

Under the Affordable Care Act:

  • No one can be turned away for a “pre-existing” health condition
  • More people earning low incomes now qualify for Medi-Cal
  • Many people who do not get coverage through their employer are eligible for tax credits that reduce the cost of private health insurance plans